Calendar of events

February 15        Climate seminar at Scripps Institution of Oceanography in La Jolla 
March 1              Presentation to NASA/JPL Sea Level Team, California Institute of Technology            March 1              Kathie interviewed on Hotpocalypse podcast
April 8               Seminar on AUI sponsored by UW Seattle Program on Climate Change
July 17               Climate, Atmosphere and Ocean Dynamics (CLAOD) seminar, Stanford University 
July 27               AUI Episode 1 screens at Seattle Transmedia & Independent Film Festival 
August 1             Episode 1 online! 
September 8       Kathie is on a science-fiction/fantasy producers panel at Renton Comic Con
October 22-23     LuAnne screens Episodes 1 & 2 at NASA/CNES Sea Level Team meeting in Chicago
October 28          Episode 2 is online!
Feb 2020            Education Outreach Session at Ocean Sciences Meeting San Diego

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