Calendar of events

April 8               Seminar on AUI sponsored by UW Seattle Program on Climate Change
July 17               Climate, Atmosphere and Ocean Dynamics (CLAOD) seminar, Stanford University 
July 27               AUI Episode 1 screens at Seattle Transmedia & Independent Film Festival 
August 1             Episode 1 online! 
September 8       Kathie is on a science-fiction/fantasy producers panel at Renton Comic Con
October 22-23     LuAnne screens Episodes 1 & 2 at NASA/CNES Sea Level Team meeting in Chicago
October 28          Episode 2 is online!
January 6            Episode 3 is online!
February 6          AUI screens at Scripps Institution of Oceanography in La Jolla CA
February 13         AUI screens at UC Santa Barbara graduate seminar
February 14          AUI screens at California Institute of Technology (NASA/JPL Sea Level Team invited)
February 17          Electronic poster at Ocean Sciences Meeting 2020 in San Diego
February 24          Seminar at University of Washington, Bothell

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