Q: What is the music in the opening scene and why is it zydeco or cajun?

A: "Hatchet-Headed Woman" by Marc Bristol, performed by File Gumbo, a Puget Sound group. The scene takes place in southern Louisiana. 


Q: Are the women in the opening scene good guys or bad guys? 

A: Good question. Watch the next episode.


Q: What is on the computer screen in the opening scene?

A: The graphics show the track of a satellite and a satellite icon.


Q: What are "heat potential maps"?

A: Maps of the heat in the ocean that contribute to intensifying a storm. Sea level is used to make the maps.

Q: Why is the guy in the Berkeley scene speaking Chinese?

A: Some militant leftist groups in the 1970s were Maoist. This makes him the real deal, while showing the Caucasian woman she doesn't belong. The other group members probably don't know what he's saying either.

Q: Does NASA really measure sea level by satellite? Has the President cut it from the budget? Will California fly its own satellite?

A: Yes. Not yet. Yes, that's what the Governor promised, if climate satellites are defunded.

Q: What's a transponder?

A: It's a signaling device, commonly used to communicate with a satellite.

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